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Thermoplastic hoses

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Lovato offers a specific range of thermoplastic hoses designed for the hydraulic sector to meet all application requests, including highly technical requirements.


Appropriate for the following applications:

- product lines for solvents and corrosive liquids (freons, brake oil, etc…)

- hydraulic product lines

- lubrication and greasing product lines


Recommended mounting on (reusable) screwed fittings that thanks to the expansion seal on the hose, they ensure excellent security, convenience and speed of assembly, as they allow for direct on-site mounting thus reducing waiting times, repair and downtime.


Lovato can meet a broad range of  requests with their wide selection of hydraulic hoses available in stock and given their specific experience.


Indeed, many companies typically purchase hydraulic hoses from Lovato precisely because they find product ranges and specialised hoses that are not available from their main supplier.