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Stainless steel coaxial speed reducers

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Lovato provides stainless steel coaxial speed reducers for gear shift stages up to 4 KW installed power, 110 Nm torque transmitted and 1/1.30 to 1/10.86 reduction ratios, which can be installed in applications subject to one or more corrosive agents in the environment, and by design are  easy to clean (easy cleaning); consequently, occasional or continuous contact between the finished product and Lovato's stainless steel coaxial speed reducers is no longer a problem.

All external components, including the output shaft, are made of AISI 304 (corrosion resistant) stainless steel.



Where Hygiene Counts

Unlike traditional speed reducers, stainless steel coaxial speed reducer surfaces are smooth and even to avoid material deposits, they are not varnished to prevent peeling and contamination of the final product (have no flaking paint) ; the technical data are engraved directly on the housing to eliminate an area of bacterial proliferation that a normal plate would certainly create.

This allows high pressure washing (even with high temperature water and/or with the addition of harsh detergents) in all environments subject to on-site cleaning to ensure the long-term efficiency of the speed reducer (washdown tolerant).


Lovato stainless steel coaxial speed reducers reduce downtime for cleaning, maintenance and repair.


Typical applications include food processing requiring frequent sanitation procedures and reference areas include:

- Food Handling and Processing including:

Poultry and Meat

Seafood and Fish

Cereal and Grain




- Washdown

- Pharmaceutical Industry

- Chemical Processing Industry

- Petroleum Processing Industry

- Tobacco Industry

- Carwash Industry

- Mixer Industry

- Pump Industry

- Conveyor Industry


Main features:

- All gears are helical, heat-treated and ground to ensure silent operation and better performance even under load.

- Two bearings support the main shaft.

- Serial double-lipped FKM Viton® output sealing ring.

- Coupled with Lovato stainless steel helical-worm speed reducers, this allows for better performance and higher reduction ratios.

- Washdown tolerant: the design of the Lovato stainless steel coaxial speed reducers makes them suitable for CIP areas and Washdown situations.

The serial double-lipped FKM Viton® sealing ring mounted on the output shaft is just one detail that we wanted to add on potentially accessible areas.


There are many options available that make Lovato stainless steel coaxial speed reducers flexible for the more discerning customer as well.


The optional IEC or NEMA flange mount (PAM) and metric and imperial output shafts make LOVATO's stainless steel coaxial speed reducers suitable for the global market.

LOVATO can customise the stainless steel coaxial speed reducers according to customer specifications.