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Lovato offers a specific range of seals designed for the hydraulic and pneumatic sectors to meet all application requests, including highly technical requirements.


Some examples of application and product types:
- Seals for the mobile sector (forklift trucks, earth moving machines, agricultural machines, etc.)
- Seals for the industrial sector
- Scraper seals
- NBR, TPU, etc... lip seals
- Simple rod, Double acting seals
- Simple Piston, Double Acting sealing gaskets
- Seals for rotating parts in PTFE and with Glass Fibre/MoS2
- Type JF4 (X-Ring) NBR, TPU, etc... seals
- Piston Rod guide rings
- O-ring  
- Anti-extrusion rings for O-rings
- Bonded Seal thread sealing washer gaskets
- Special sealing gaskets, manufactured by turning customised to the customer's specifications


Lovato can meet a broad range of requests with the wide selection of seals available in stock and given their specific experience.


Lovato proposes seals manufactured by turning, customisable in size, profile, and materials for all companies with specific requirements for special custom seals designed according to their own specifications.

Thanks to this particular technology, Lovato provides fast, personalised solutions cut to size for special applications, such as single piece, small quantities or series, thereby reducing search time, waiting, repair and downtime.


Indeed, many companies typically purchase seals from Lovato precisely because they find products that are not available from their main supplier.