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Helical-worm speed reducers

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Lovato offers a range of high quality, modular, interchangeable helical-worm speed reducers, with fast delivery at a competitive price.


Double production line with round and square mounting arrangement, made of aluminium and cast iron, distance to centre-axis 150 mm, 18.5 KW installed power and 1550 Nm torque transmitted.

Larger sizes available on request.


Main features:

- These are subject to an impregnation process to eliminate defects related to the porosity of die-cast aluminium components (closing lids and housings).

- Only one lateral case-closing lid for all sizes except for the size with 30 mm distance to centre-axis where the housing is fully closed.

- O-ring inserted between the housing and the closing lid in the sizes with distance to centre-axis between 45 and 50 mm instead of a seal.

- Graphite seals, where available.

- The worm wheel has a G25 cast-iron hub with inserted cast bronze ring CuSn12Ni enriched with nickel, which gives it a mechanical resistance up to 25% higher than a non-nickel-enriched version.

- The version with pre-stage consists of heat-treated and ground helical gears to ensure silent operation, better performance and higher reduction ratios.

- Combining two helical-worm gear reducers yields very low efficiency, but the small space required for high speed gear change makes this solution viable and at times irreplaceable.


Many options are available, making Lovato's helical-worm speed reducers flexible even for the most discerning customers.

Stainless steel hubs and output shafts, ATEX (Category 3 - zone 2/22 and category 2 - zone 1/21) certification, reinforced bearings, double seal, reduced play, special lubricants, hydraulic motor connection kits and extended worm shafts: these are just some of the available options.


The optional IEC or NEMA flange mount (PAM) and metric and imperial output shafts make Lovato's helical-worm speed reducers suitable for the global market.


Lovato can customise the helical-worm speed reducers according to customers' specifications.